Throughout the years, people have gone to extremes to obtain beautiful, soft, glowing skin. Women have covered their skin with gloves, hats, parasols, and veils to protect it from the effects of the sun. Fashions have seen ladies use creams, capsules, and even deadly poisons to lighten their skin tone, while others have baked in tanning booths to make it darker. But the real secret to healthy, beautiful skin is much simpler, and much more natural, than any of these tedious and potentially dangerous approaches.


Your body is up to 60% water. The cells of your brain, muscles, blood, and organs all need water to function properly. Water is essential for digestion, for efficiently using energy from food, and for healthy neurological activity. And your skin, the largest and most visible organ you possess, is 64% water. As you might guess, staying well hydrated is imperative to the health of your skin (and every other part of your body).


The way your skin acts has a lot to do with how hydrated it is. Take a small pinch of your skin and watch how it reacts. Does it bounce right back to its normal shape? Or does it stay pinched up for a second or two? If it does, you could be mildly dehydrated. Water keeps skin cells plump, which helps them spring back into shape, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, and contributes to that “glow” we all want.


Chronically dry hands are a nightmare — and when the moisturizing lotion you constantly use feels like it’s just drying your hands up more, the problem may be more than just skin-deep. Your hands are the most accurate indicator of whether your skin has enough water; while the rest of your skin keeps producing oils, giving the illusion of hydration, your hands don’t have the glands that produce this oil. Your hands — and the rest of your skin, for that matter — can get scaly, flakey, cracked, or rough when they don’t have enough water. Even milder problems, such as itchiness or tightness, are a sign that your skin is thirsty.


Perhaps you don’t have any of those problems. Perhaps your skin bounces well and feels great — it just doesn’t look as fresh as you want it to. Surely water isn’t the answer to that? Well, your coloring, especially in your face, has a lot do with the way your skin looks. Plump lips and rosy cheeks don’t have to come from make-up; when you are properly hydrated, the blood vessels just beneath the top layer of skin open up to give you a healthy glow — whatever the color.


Drinking water is good for you. In fact, it’s great for you! But when it comes to your skin, simply drinking it doesn’t deliver results like IV therapy can. For one thing, if you are slightly dehydrated, it can take several hours to simply get back to a normal level of hydration by drinking water. And you have to sip it slowly throughout the day, because if you drink a whole bunch at once most of it won’t get absorbed by your body at all. For another, it can take days of constant sipping before your skin begins to show a noticeable difference. IV therapy delivers water directly to your bloodstream, where it can go straight to the organs that need it most — including your skin.


At The Hydration Room, we offer more than just water in our Skin Health IV Therapy blend. As important as good old H2O is, your skin can get an even greater boost with the addition of Vitamin C. This essential vitamin helps your skin produce those oils we mentioned earlier, which prevents loss of water through the skin. It is also an antioxidant, known for kicking out aging-related free radicals and even reversing some of the damage that UV rays from the sun (or the tanning bed) cause. Our Skin Health blend includes a high dose of Vitamin C, and we’ve added a few more skin-nourishing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients as well.


You no longer need to use creams, pills, and injections that may or may not work — and could even have disastrous consequences — to get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. Pamper yourself with a trip to The Hydration Room, and start seeing results today.


Stress can play havoc on the human body. While there are ways to minimize stress, sometimes stress – even high stress is unavoidable. Whether you are looking to get ahead in a high-paying job or dealing with inescapable personal problems – or all that and more – IV therapy can provide intensive relief just when you need it.


While you may try numerous therapeutic techniques to relieve stress, the effect of stress on your body, especially the release of high levels of cortisol, means that problem remains a chemical one. Especially when stress becomes unavoidable or if the symptoms remain long after the stressors are gone, an intensive intervention may be necessary to get you back to full functionality again. Vitaminsare a necessary part of our diet and when all is working well you should be able to get all the vitamins you need as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Unfortunately, stress and your body’s imbalanced state of high alert may mean that you need more intensive treatment, in all likelihood a combination tailored to suit your stress related symptoms. Because stress has a measurable, chemical effect on the body, these vitamins can block the harmful effects of exhaustion, helping to halt and reverse its effects. The trick is always to know what to take, when to take it, and then to take them as needed.


If you are in intense need of relief, if you need to reverse the effects of cortisol and of prolonged stress, then IV Therapy can help. With IV Therapy, the necessary vitamins and nutrients to relieve both the symptoms and the chemical cause of stress (cortisol) are brought directly into your bloodstream and from there to the rest of your body. Perhaps best of all, you can receive IV Therapy sitting down comfortably and doing what you most need to do – which is get some rest while someone else takes care of all the details. Especially if stress has become overwhelming, if you are so stressed out and exhausted you cannot even think straight enough to be sure you’d remember to do those stress relief exercises and get that good night’s rest, then this intervention can help put your body back into balance again. Then, you can be free to live your life on your terms – hopefully, with a little less stress.



While it seems like a myth, there is some truth to the fact that many people find themselves not feeling well more often during the cooler months. This can actually be due to a few different factors as noted below:

  • More germs – Rhinoviruses, the cause of colds peak in spring and fall, while the influenza virus peaks in winter.
  • Central heating – Cold air forces people to stay inside where the warmth of heating not only keeps us comfortable but also dries the air and our nasal passages. Dry nasal passages may be more susceptible to viruses.
  • Indoor humidity and ventilation – Poor ventilation coupled with dry air allows droplets from sneezes to travel further and a study at Virginia Tech in 2011 actually showed that higher relative indoor humidity can inactivate the Influenza A virus.
  • Outdoor humidity – Even our cold, dry outdoor air contributes to our winter illnesses. According to two studies by the National Institutes of Health not only does the dry air allow the influenza virus to travel more easily, but the outer coating of the virus itself can become tougher in colder temperatures.

In another study by the National of Institutes of Health, it was well documented that while short-term stress can actually serve to temporarily boost immunity, long-term stress has major effects on the body that not only increases the risk of viral infections but also increases the possibility of developing chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), diabetes and even cancer.


With Immune Support IV Therapy, you receive one liter of a balanced electrolyte fluid with a mega-dose of our proprietary blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. Our immune system is strongly influenced by what we take into our bodies. Vitamin C is important as it helps certain cells perform their infection and disease-fighting abilities better. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of an illness as well. Zinc is an essential key element needed by our bodies and it helps keep the immune system strong. Antioxidants add to our infection and disease-fighting ability by further stimulating cellular processes.

Immune Support IV Therapy gives you a dose of these important nutrients that is around 20 times more potent than oral products. Oral supplements are less effective as well, because not only do they break down in the digestive tract, but it’s also not possible to take the high dose that we administer through IV Therapy. Receiving supplements through IV therapy means that your body receives 100% of the supplement and because the supplement is administered directly into the bloodstream, your cells begin to receive the benefits almost immediately. IV Therapy Immune Support lasts within the body for two to three days with minimal side effects and can help give you a fighting chance against colds, flu, and can even help with the fatigue and stress that are such common complaints through our beautiful fall and winter seasons.


At the Hydration Room, you can design a Custom IV Therapy regiment that caters to your specific health and wellness needs. Our staff of medical professionals will consult and work together with your primary care doctor to attain your health goals and reduce any unwanted symptoms you might be experiencing.

Each IV formula is a custom-made mixture of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, fluids, detoxifiers, and other supplements that are tailored to a patient’s current ailments and health goals.

This health trend is said to work wonders on everything from hangovers to arthritis. IVs have been a powerful tool used in medicine for decades to deliver medicine, hydration, blood transfusions, detoxification of heavy metals and nutrition.

This elective version of IV therapy is now gaining popularity with celebrities, professional athletes and anyone looking into preventive therapies for chronic illnesses.

The Custom IV Therapy ensures the most efficient delivery of vitamins and minerals to your body because they are fed directly into the bloodstream. This allows for better absorption of nutrients that may otherwise lose potency when taken orally.

Although it seems like a magic elixir, the secret is actually the fact that the nutrients can get working immediately because they’re pumped into our bloodstream, unlike supplements, which take time for the body to absorb.

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Minimization of the negative effects of travel on the body and mind
  • Detoxification of unwanted chemicals and environmental pollutants
  • Diminished jet lag
  • Improved speed of healing and recovery
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Rehydration and fluid balance support on a consistent basis
  • Improved mental clarity and focus

Talk to one of our medical staff members about the following available regiments and your own Custom IV Therapy.

  • Skin Health: Hydrate your skin from the inside out, reduce acne flare-ups and get an all-natural skin glow.
  • Digestive restoration: Reduce bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort due to gastrointestinal issues and leaky gut syndrome.
  • Hydration: Combat issues related to dehydration, sickness, medication side effects, extreme lifestyle or chronic diseases.
  • Hangover detox: Reduce symptoms of dehydration, improve mental recovery, renew your liver and alleviate that queasy feeling with anti-nausea medicine.
  • Stress: Relax your mind, maintain immune health, increase serotonin/dopamine levels and reduce anxiety.
  • Immune support: Protect the immune system seasonally, in times of high stress or in an environment where risk of sickness is high.
  • Wellness infusion: Reboot your body’s immune system and get rid of symptoms of fatigue and low mood.
  • Vitamin C: Prevent a cold, flu or allergy flare-up with a large dose of Vitamin C to your immune system.
  • Energy boost: Improve your energy and alertness, while giving yourself a better night’s sleep.
  • Monthly PMS relief: Boost your mood, improve your energy and target pain control from symptoms of PMS.
  • Cold and flu remedy: Fight off a cold or flu by boosting the immune system and relieving aches and pains.
  • Fitness recovery: Improve muscle recovery, prevent lactic acid build-up and alleviate acute and chronic pain.
  • Jet lag revival: Alleviate symptoms of jet lag such as fogginess, fatigue, stress, dehydration and aches and pain.
  • Migraine recovery: Receive the same therapy you’d receive in the ER, with the bonus of essential vitamins and minerals that improve associated fatigue and nausea.