• Anti-Aging Regenerative Stemcell Induction Therapy (SIT), $350 (tax included)
    Total anti-aging stemcell rejuvenation via microneedling induction therapy.
    The ultimate anti-aging regenerative facial treatment via microneedling system using high-nano-tech growth factors including stemcell and other high performing ingredients.
    Deep cleansing, dead skin exfoliation, deep hydration (dermis level), lymph drainage massage for effective detoxification, non-invasive microneedling how to start a rhetorical analysis essay introduction therapy (optional) for faster deep dermis level penetration of growth factors ingredients, cooling mask and scalp therapy for total cranial and facial lymphatic drainage system detox.
    Benefits: immediate deep hydration and better lymphatic circulation which will result in cleaner, brigher skin tone, smooth and lifted skin. Collagen regeneration will start showing when skin life cycles reaches about 28 days after the treatment. Entire face will look rejuvenated in a natural way. HOME CARE SYSTEM $495 STARTER KIT: 1 Airbrush Sprayer Machine $220 value 1 Box Stemcell Ampoule (18 bottles) $440 value
    80 minutes $350